A color wheel arranging the colors that can be found by refracting sunlight with a prism.
Moses Harris circa 1770
The Natural System of Colours

I am a soon-to-be student in the program of color science at Rochester Institute of Technology. Color Science is, in my view, the integrated study of many disciplines as they relate to color perception for human observers. If you are curious about what some other color scientists might say, the MCSL has put together this slide deck with some short answers contributed by students, faculty, alumni, and staff.

My interest in color science has been steadily growing for the last several years, beginning as my first experience in a theatre doing lighting design. During university I worked for Electronic Theatre Controls on LED luminaire metrology and theatrical control equipment. Following my time at ETC, I returned to school and studied painting until I graduated in May 2017. During this time I largely focused on studying abstract expressionism, color field painting, and the artists Barnet Newman, Clifford Still, and Josef Albers. After graduation my work took me to Los Angeles where I have been working on direct view LED display design, evaluation, calibration methods, and HDR implementation.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope that this site is eventually a useful resource for myself, and others, to remember interesting color science related links, papers, and presentations. Under blog you will find my occasional writing about topics I am researching, interested in researching, or reviews of papers, articles, webinars, etc…

The color wheel above was originally published by Moses Harris circa 1770 in a short book titled The Natural System of Colours. Which you can read here for free, provided by Google books.