A color wheel arranging the colors that can be found by refracting sunlight with a prism.
Moses Harris circa 1770
The Natural System of Colours


I am a current color science consultant and Ph.D. student in the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology specializing in LED technologies and Augmented Reality Displays. I have spent much of my time in the last several years either working professionally on various luminaires, video wall, or lighting controllers for the entertainment industry. My interests specifically regard color rendering, metamerism, calibration, etc… but I have contributed in several product areas over the R&D cycle. I’m currently available on a limited basis for training, education, or collaboration on a wide variety of color technology topics.

My interest in color science stems from a background in theater. Growing up I took a keen interest in theatrical lighting design. During my undergraduate degree at Rocky Mountain College I worked for Electronic Theatre Controls on LED luminaire metrology and theatrical control equipment. Following my time at ETC, I returned to school and studied painting until I graduated in May 2017. During this time I largely focused on studying abstract expressionism, color field painting, and the artists Barnet Newman, Clifford Still, and Josef Albers. This portion of my education, although not technical, deeply grew my love for studying the origin and effects of color. After graduation my work took me to Los Angeles where I worked on direct view LED display design, evaluation, calibration methods, and HDR implementation for two years.

In the summer of 2019 I left my full time employment in the entertainment industry to return to school and (hopefully) complete a PhD in Color Science. My long term goals are to use the knowledge and expertise I gain about vision and color to benefit the controls, designs, and training available to the many lighting and media designers in the entertainment industry, for whom color is so important.

The color wheel above was originally published by Moses Harris circa 1770 in a short book titled The Natural System of Colours. Which you can read here for free, provided by Google books.